SSC 601: Advanced Soil Chemistry

SSC 601: Advanced Soil Chemistry

SSC 601: Advanced Soil Chemistry

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This is an advanced level soil chemistry course. Which comprises ion exchange phenomena: mechanisms, equations, adsorption isotherm, chemistry of waterlogged soil etc. The contents of the course directly related to soil chemical reactions, soil fertility and crop productivity.

The following contents of the 3 credit hours course is scheduled for a term:

Sl. No. Topics Lecture


1) General concept of ion exchange in soils 2
2) Activity and activity coefficients of ions, ionic strength 2
3) Surface reaction of soil colloids; adsorption of cations and anions, selectivity in ion adsorption 2
4) Diffuse double layer models of ion adsorption 2
5) Specific adsorption of cations and anions 2
First Mid Exam 1
6) Thermodynamic approach to describe ion adsorption; major types of equations used to illustrate adsorption isotherms including the Langmuir, the Freundlich, the BET (Brunauer, Emmitt and Teller), and the Gibbs equations. 4
7) Application of Donnan equilibrium in ion exchange phenomena 2
8) Effect of dilution, exchange capacity and valence on cation exchange with special reference to implication regarding plant nutrients in soil 3
Second Mid Exam 1
9) Phosphorus fixation 3
10) Chemistry of water logged soils 5
11) Micronutrient solubility 2
Final Examination 1


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