CBT 255: Plant Anatomy and Embryology

CBT 255: Plant Anatomy and Embryology

CBT 255: Plant Anatomy and Embryology

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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University

Dept. of Crop Botany

CBT 255: Plant Anatomy and Embryology


Autumn 2013                                                                                      Credit Hour: 3+1.5


Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. MA Baset Mia

 Mr. Haider Iqbal Khan


Course Outline



Class # Topic
1 Introduction: importance of plant anatomy
2 Cell: types and components
3 Cell wall: structure, function and thickening
4 Cytoplasmic components: structure and function
5 Concept and classification of meristem
6 Meristem organization
7 Simple tissue
8 Complex tissue
9 Complex tissue
10 1st Midterm Exam
11 Secretory tissue
12 Tissue system
13 Cambium
14 Cambium organization
15 Vascular transition of root to stem
16 Secondary growth of root and stem
17 Anomalous secondary growth
18 Anatomy of leaf
19 Anatomy of stem
20 Anatomy of root
21 2nd Midterm Exam
22 Concept and importance of embryology
23 Microsporophyll
24 Megasporophyll
25 Development of microspore and megaspore
26 Development of microgamete and megagamete
27 Gametophyte fertilization development of embryo in monocot development of embryo in dicot
28 Development of embryo
29 Endosperm development and apomixis
30 Polyembryony and experimental embryology


Class # Topic


1 Introductory class and showing how to handle the microscope
2 Sectioning of plant specimen and preparation of slide
3 Anatomy of monocot stem (rice stem)
4 Anatomy of dicot stem (jute stem)
5 Anatomy of monocot root (maize/rice)
6 Anatomy of dicot root (cucurbit/jute)
7 Anatomy of monocot leaf (rice/maize/sugarcane)
8 Anatomy of dicot leaf (mango leaf)
9 Observation of microspore under micrsocope
10 Observation of ovule/TS of ovary

Review of the course


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